The plot of the NES game follows the adventures of Professor Hector as he develops R.O.B.

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The 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System game "Gyromite" is a brain-teasing puzzle game that is entertaining and challenging. The plot of the NES game follows the adventures of Professor Hector as he develops R.O.B. With the help of his assistant, Professor Vector, he must dodge life-threatening attacks. You can choose to play as Professor Hector or as the robot creation, R.O.B. To move forward, you must solve puzzles while avoiding dangerous obstacles such as bundles of dynamite and hungry bird-like creatures called Smicks. "Gyromite" features single-player and two-player modes, each with their own unique qualities. Game A can be played in single-player or two-player mode, while Game B can only be played by a single player. Single-player mode has 25 levels, while two-player cooperative mode contains 40. You will collect points as you gather bundles of dynamite and turnips and effectively use them to defend your character from attacks from Smicks and exploding TNT. As gamers navigate through gates and other obstacles, this game gives players the opportunity to practice critical thinking and sharpen their problem-solving skills. This game was developed in Japan and released in 1985 but quickly became a hit around the technology world. Nintendo Entertainment System's release of "Gyromite" introduced the Robotic Operating Buddy, also known as R.O.B. This innovative and unique controller helped give the NES more of an educational advantage. Utilizing R.O.B., this NES classic was one of the two games to make up Nintendo's Robot Series.

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