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You can live life on the wrong side of the law when you immerse yourself in the world of “Grand Theft Auto V” on the PlayStation 3.

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You can live life on the wrong side of the law when you immerse yourself in the world of "Grand Theft Auto V" on the PlayStation 3. This version of the series takes place in Los Santos, a satirical version of Los Angeles from previous games. Rockstar Games continues the legacy of this compelling crime series and adds a complex multi player version to allow you to play with other gamers online. You can earn trophies, join your friends, and dominate the crime world with "Grand Theft Auto" on the PS3. "GTA" features an engrossing single player storyline. Rockstar North has mastered the open world crime genre and knows how to deliver a great game. You'll complete a progressive series of missions to earn money, steal cars, and use weapons to rise to the top of Los Santos. Similar to other "Grand Theft Auto" games, you play as a group of thieves who work together to pull off heists of increasing danger and reward. Your characters, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, move through a vast landscape. You can focus on advancing the storyline or simply run free across the city. Complete missions, steal your favorite vehicle, or send your characters on recreational activities like scuba diving, hunting, or yoga. You can feel free to explore without worrying about death. "Grand Theft Auto’s" traditional spawn approach takes you back to the hospital should anything tragic happen to your characters. Rockstar has put more effort into creating real time, fluid combat and driving sequences that feel more like a racing game. Whether you love "GTA" for the cars, the weapons, or the story, you may not want to put this PS3 game down. "Grand Theft Auto" for PS3 can accommodate one player per console and up to 16 players per online match on the PlayStation Plus network. "GTA’s" Rockstar North has released a steady stream of updates, new maps, and other incentives to keep players interested and online. If you’re ready to form a group and start a heist, you may not have any trouble finding an active server. Grand Theft Auto Online, the term for the multiplayer version of "GTA," includes several different modes, including unique, online only options. You can roam the world, challenge other players to street races, enter a deathmatch, or start a co-op mission. Other "GTA" game modes include Stunt Race, Capture, Hold, Survival, Parachuting, and Raid. This PlayStation 3 version of "GTA" is not region locked, so you can play it in Costa Rica, Venezuela, India, and any other country. This classic from Rockstar Games is fully playable on any PlayStation 3 system, including the Super Slim edition. Rockstar has included more than 10 languages in the game, including Spanish, French, and traditional Chinese, so you can have the gaming experience you want. Plus, you can download mods, record video of your gameplay experience, or add cheat codes easily. In the world of video games, "Grand Theft Auto V" is an unprecedented game in the open world action adventure genre. Not only can it provide hours upon hours of gameplay due to the vast amount of missions, but now you can also enjoy online adventures with your friends as well.

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