In Gauntlet, players take control of a hulking fighter, a nimble elf, a fearsome Valkyrie, or a mighty wizard. Supports up to four gamers with the NES Four Score.

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One of the most iconic dungeon crawl games ever created, Gauntlet brings the action from the arcade to your NES. Released in 1987, Gauntlet is one of the earlier titles for the system. However, the NES version makes a staggering number of changes to the original version. While the gameplay is still the same, the storyline has changed, and brand new levels were added to the Nintendo title.

In Gauntlet, players take control of a hulking fighter, a nimble elf, a fearsome Valkyrie, or a mighty wizard. The game is one of the few NES gaming experiences that supports up to four gamers with the NES Four Score. The multiplayer game option enhances your playing experience as you'll need all the help you can get to survive.Players must navigate various cavernous dungeons to make their way to freedom. There are over 100 levels in all, and defeating all of them will take about 10 to 15 hours. Since it's such a long game, it uses a password system. Through this system, gamers can instantly travel up to level 79.

Gamers will face all manner of monsters on their quest, ranging from ghosts to evil wizards and minotaurs. Players take control of their character in a top-down view, shooting projectiles at whatever crosses their path. The intuitive control system ensures that gamers can quickly get to grips with the mechanics required for success. In this title, every time an enemy touches you, you lose a tiny bit of health. Likewise, your health constantly ticks down while playing. To replenish your health, you need to find food scattered across each stage. You can't just rush from one stage to the other; the game challenges you by requiring you to eliminate all enemies to ensure you get enough food.The title isn't just all action, as there are some puzzle solving elements involved as well. Frequently, the exit to a level is hidden, and gamers must damage walls or blocks to find it. Likewise, some stages hold hidden doors that will lead you to a treasure trove of food and gold.

The title is one of the few Nintendo games to have over 10 monsters on the screen at once. The game is also one of the few NES games to use digitized voices. When a player gets hit or eats food, he will make a distinctive grunt or a satisfied sound, respectively.Tengen released two different versions of Gauntlet for the NES: an unlicensed and a licensed version. Both games play identically, have the same levels, and will play on any NES. The only difference between the two is the licensed copy has the Nintendo seal of approval. This seal is located on the bottom right corner of the Nintendo cartridge.Adventure and puzzle solving combine to make Gauntlet an endlessly entertaining game for lone gamers and small groups alike.

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