The Frogger video game cartridge is universal for Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems and can be played at home.

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The complexity of the SNES Frogger video game is experienced when Frogger is trying to cross the street with cars, trucks, buses, and heavy equipment vehicles moving in opposite directions, at different speeds in multiple lanes. Just when Frogger has made it safely across the street he realizes that he has to do it all over again by crossing a river with a different flavor of traffic danger. Turtles, crocodiles, and snakes all travel this waterway amid floating logs, so Frogger must keep from being eaten during his crossing and avoid falling into the water. While it is safe to jump from logs to the backs of the turtles, crocodiles, and snakes, Frogger must keep in mind that jumping on their heads will anger the crocodiles and snakes. The turtles like to dive into the water leaving poor Frogger vulnerable to the river water. In addition to overcoming the roadway and riverway obstacles and threats, Frogger must complete his trip before the timer runs out. Each game begins with five frogs. If the first frog does not make it across the street or the river safely, try again with a remaining frog.

Try different gaming strategies to find systems that work best to revisit and improve upon. There are many ways to earn points, while finding the safest route across the fast-moving highway and river. When Frogger jumps into a new lane of traffic, while crossing the roadway or onto a log or turtle while crossing the river, he earns 10 points. Eating a fly along the way earns Frogger a yummy 200 points. When each frog arrives safely at his home bay, he earns 50 points. Watch for Frogger’s potential girlfriend wearing a bow, while sitting on a log waiting patiently for Frogger to help her home; when Frogger successfully helps her home, he earns 200 points. Earn 1,000 points every time one of the eight levels is successfully finished with all five frogs delivered safely to their home bay. Any time left on the timer at the end of each level is added to the score.

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