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Duke Nukem: Zero Hour has players slipping into the well-traveled combat boots of the blond and buff Duke Nukem, a man long on attitude and short on bubblegum.

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Forsaken 64 is a futuristic first-person shooter inspired by Interplay's Descent series. Like Descent, you have full 360° movement throughout the game's 23 subterranean stages. Characters ride sleek anti-gravity ships resembling personal watercrafts or motorcycles. Hazards such as spikes, spinning fans, and collapsing ceilings must be avoided while navigating the maze-like areas, but the real danger comes from robots and bounty hunters trying to shoot you down. Acquire 25 power-ups and weapons, ranging from twin laser beams to heat-seeking rockets, while taking out hostile forces looking to end your exploratory mission. Infiltrate and eliminate the evil "Mechanoid Defense System" to win the game. In addition to the single-player game, Forsaken 64 includes competitive four-player battles via split-screen display.

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