The FIFA 2013 for Xbox 360 is a game built on skill and versatility. It can provide an experience that truly lets gamers experience the excitement of the game.

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The FIFA 2013 for Xbox 360 is a game built on skill and versatility. It can provide an experience that truly lets gamers experience the excitement of the game. Luckily for soccer fans, EA Sports changed the face of recreation gaming in 2013. The FIFA 2013 game for Xbox 360 received several changes and improvements over previous releases, one of which is something called First Touch Control. This feature changes the quality of a player's kick from a set of stable location variables to a broad range that includes ball height, the speed at which the player is moving, body position, and even the weather. In addition, it removes the old tendency of the ball to appear glued to the player's foot as he kicks it. Instead, all features on the field remain in fluid motion at all times. Pitches and lateral passes were added to improve ball mobility and speed. This helps to produce more battle for possession moments, increasing the speed and intensity of every encounter and ensuring that skill is truly what decides the result. Career mode and Season mode return to this Xbox game as general series holdouts, but FIFA 2013 also adds the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. This mode allows players to draft from real life soccer teams and franchises to create an unbeatable team of their very own. This team can ultimately be used to battle against other divisions and in tournaments over the internet, the winners of which receive in game currency that they can use to improve their players or add new stars. Additionally, new score celebrations were added. Attention and detail were even brought to the referees, who are given more specific, highly developed intelligence and decision making abilities to add even more realistic fun to the interactions. Not only can FIFA 2013 from EA Sports represent a true form of traditional football offered by a home console, but players can also enjoy almost flawless control over their avatars with the First Touch Control feature. This can add just enough realistic uncertainty to keep every play fresh. The cover features Lionel Messi, who was so enjoyed by the game's fans that he's been featured on four subsequent covers. No matter which athletes you look up to or which soccer club you cheer on, you can find your favorites among the 15,000 players and 500 officially licensed clubs that are playable in this Xbox 360 game. It is hard to beat playing physical soccer, but FIFA 13 for the Microsoft Xbox 360 home console can work to bring that feeling of legitimate play into your living room. As always, the Xbox 360 supplies pristine graphics and motion capture that can work together to make this a most realistic and beautiful soccer game. Players get to put real skills into the Xbox game that involve trajectory, velocity, and passing. This Xbox title from EA Sports is also compatible with the Microsoft Kinect, which can bring the action even closer to your fingertips. Even if you cannot play in a real football match, FIFA 2013 for Xbox 360 is one of those video games that can make you feel like you are actually in the game.

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