Evil Dead: Hail to the King


The story of the game sees the hero Ash thrust back into that wicked cabin as it picks up where the third film, Army of Darkness, left off.

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Evil Dead: Hail to the King is based on the three cult films by director Sam Raimi that, despite their popularity, are appearing in video game form for the very first time. The story of the game sees the hero Ash thrust back into that wicked cabin as it picks up where the third film, Army of Darkness, left off.

If there's one guy who hasn't had it easy in life, it's Ash. Fighting the Evil Dead time and time again, only to watch it come back and try to destroy you, tends to grate on one's nerves, even for a steely, determined, and only slightly mentally deficient guy such as our hero. The store clerk has watched his professor and several girlfriends mangled by the wicked dead in question, has lost his hand to the darkness, and has even been hurled back in time, all because of that rotten little book, the dread Necronomicon, and its blood-soaked pages.

Now, the Evil Dead seem to have been finally silenced, but our hero can't stop dreaming and reliving the nightmare. So Ash has decided to confront his past, taking his girl back up to the cabin where it all began. But what if something is waiting for them, out there in that secluded wood? What if the Necronomicon doesn't sleep after all? Knowing Ash's luck, it's a good bet that it doesn't, and an even better one that he'll have to load up the shotgun, strap on the chainsaw, and get groovy all over again as he re-engages the Evil Dead.

Armed only with a shotgun and his trusty chainsaw, Ash will begin the adventure by navigating with a traditional survival horror control scheme around the innards and outer areas of that now famous cabin in the woods, directly engaging the wicked minions of the Necronomicon that pop up along the way. The game features more than 20 different deadites who will be more than willing to stop Ash in his quest to destroy the book once and for all. But Ash won't be able to stop with the cabin. As his quest for more weapons and items becomes more intense, he will leave the confines of his own world completely, traveling through time to ancient Damascus to take on the book at its very point of origin.

Evil Dead: Hail to the King is a single-player experience, and many of the fans of the movies will be pleased to know that it features Bruce Campbell as the voice of Ash, complete with brand-new dialogue created specifically for the game.

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