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Doom 3 continues id Software’s popular franchise and stands out as a critical and commercial success. Written by science fiction author Matthew Costello, the story re-imagines the original Doom.

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Doom 3 continues id Software's popular franchise and stands out as a critical and commercial success. Written by science fiction author Matthew Costello, the story re-imagines the original Doom. Your player follows a space marine corporal through a research facility on Mars. This first-person shooter game is heavily plot-driven, resulting in a cinematic experience. This experience immerses players in an atmosphere that weaves elements of horror into a sci-fi world. Although a variation from the action-packed corridors of previous games, fans will continue to enjoy the series' legacy look and feel. The first thing you'll notice when you first open Doom 3 is how beautiful the game looks. From the Mars terrain to the inside of the Aerospace Corporation, this is an Xbox game packed with detail. The graphics engine utilizes unified lighting and shadowing to enhance tension, allowing the game to focus on a slow, methodical build. The single-player campaign runs smoothly, with no slowdown even during intense firefights.The atmosphere is a significant part of this release. When you play this edition of the game, be sure to do so with the lights out. This title relies on its ability to scare the player to create memorable gameplay. If you are lost or this video game is too difficult, however, you can use the built-in cheats to make your search and mission easier. Doom 3 is similar to other first-person shooter games like Doom II and Call of Duty. There are no civilians to worry about in the title, so if it moves, shoot it. You'll find all of your favorite enemies from the Doom franchise making an appearance here. From imps and cacodemons to the dreaded cyberdemon, an entire army is ready to annihilate you. Luckily, you've got over eight weapons at your disposal. These weapons range from the standard pistol to the mighty BFG. The BFG has enough power alone to destroy over 30 demons in one shot. The developer, id Software, took a different approach with this edition of the FPS title. While the original title was light on story, the conditions of this new release have focused on narrative development. You'll constantly check each computer console you come across to get new tidbits of the story. These story elements reveal why the demons are pouring in. In fact, the first 30 minutes of the title are almost entirely free of enemies. This version of the software retains all of the levels and features of the PC version. On average, it will take gamers around 10 hours for a full playthrough. After the story is complete, dive into the multiplayer modes. Two to four players on the Xbox can blast each other on over 10 different maps. All of the weapons from the campaign are available in this mode. There are four different types of multiplayer modes, each one offering a different way to play. For example, one mode offers limited lives.Despite a release date of 2005, this title has held its own throughout the years. Its mixture of action and horror is unlike many other games released on the Xbox. This FPS is a true gaming classic and deserves a spot in every gamer's collection.

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