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Battle pirates and take on other bad guys in Disney’s “Goof Troop” for the Super Nintendo. The “Goof Troop” SNES game was published by CapCom in 1993 and has an ESRB rating of E for Everyone.

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Battle pirates and take on other bad guys in Disney's "Goof Troop" for the Super Nintendo. The "Goof Troop" SNES game was published by CapCom in 1993 and has an ESRB rating of E for Everyone. The publishing company, CapCom, is famous for adapting Disney movies and shows as video games. "Goof Troop" is an action-adventure SNES video game based on the Disney TV series of the same name. Play begins with Goofy and son fishing in their hometown of Spoonerville. Suddenly, they see their neighbors, Pete and PJ, being held captive on an approaching pirate's ship. Pete and Goofy are best friends in both the game and the series. Their sons are very close as well. The father/son duo is very motivated to do whatever is necessary to save their friends and neighbors. In "Goof Troop," you can take on the role of Goofy or Max as they pursue the evil henchman, Keelhaul Pete. It's fun playing by yourself in single-player mode or with a friend in two-player mode. Throughout the game, Disney fans will recognize several characters from the original show. In the pursuit, you will ward off knife-throwing pirates and other enemies. "Goof Troop" play progresses through solving a series of tricky puzzles. Other activities included in the game are digging for buried treasure and crossing bridges. All of this is done through five stages of the game: the beach, village, haunted castle, underground cavern, and pirate ship. These locations are on Spoonerville Island. Pete and PJ are being held captive on the pirate ship.The goal of each level is to solve puzzles that allow you to reach the end stage. There's a boss at the end of every level in "Goof Troop." CapCom made the Disney SNES video game friendly for all ages. Neither Max nor Goofy fights a boss directly. Instead, they use items such as blocks, bombs, and barrels to defeat the bosses. Goofy moves much slower than Max. But, Goofy delivers more damage to enemies than his son. Players will find various items to help them throughout the game. For instance, pieces of fruit help Goofy or son protect themselves from a single hit. If either character can gather a predetermined amount of fruit, they will earn an extra life. Red diamonds also earn players an extra life. Blue Diamonds earn players a continue, which allows them to respawn where they left off. If the characters don't have a continue when they run out of lives, they will need a password to restart the adventure. Play in "Goof Troop" for Super NES progresses by collecting various items for use. The tricky part is that each player can hold one item at a time. If playing in two-player mode, each player may hold one item. Examples that aid in gameplay progression include grappling hooks, a bell, candles, shovels, boards, and keys. Some doors in the game can only be opened in certain situations. For instance, it may be necessary to slide blocks into place or defeat a certain enemy to open a door. After Pete and PJ have been saved, Goofy and his son can return to their fishing trip on Spoonerville Island.

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