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Disney’s Aladdin for the Game Boy Color is an update to the original Game Boy game, which is itself based on of the 1993 Genesis version

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Disney's Aladdin for the Game Boy Color is an update to the original Game Boy game, which is itself based on of the 1993 Genesis version. The young hero Aladdin must traverse exotic locales, such as the streets and market of Akrabah, the dangerous desert sands, the Cave of Wonders, and the halls of the Sultan's Palace, where he will face off with the nefarious Jafar to stop his evil machinations once and for all, or at least until the next direct-to-video sequel.

In the dangerous and exciting world of 15th century Akrabah, the city's naive but kind Sultan has been long manipulated by his sinister advisor, Jafar. But the evil villain is no longer satisfied with pulling the puppet strings behind the curtain. Now he seeks to control Akrabah, the Middle East, and the world. But to do this he'll need an item of incredible power, and the only thing that fits that bill is the magic lamp, containing a genie of awesome power. Yet Jafar can't obtain the lamp from the Cave of Wonders himself. He needs a person to obtain it for him, one that is pure of heart, a diamond in the rough. That person is Aladdin, but Jafar knows that the boy won't help him for no reason. So he's kidnapped Princess Jasmine and locked her within the Sultan's Palace, knowing that Aladdin will snatch the lamp in an attempt to rescue her.

While running is an essential tool of any former-thief such as Aladdin, he has more tricks up his sleeve than just the art of fleeing. He can wield a sword that slashes enemies in his path, or hurtle apples to knock them out. He can climb ropes and leap over obstacles in his path. Should he need more items, he will occasionally find a peddler who will help him out for a price. And the genie isn't absent from this game, either, as he might grant Aladdin a wish during his bonus game at the end of the levels. In addition to all this, he'll have to climb aboard his magic carpet and flee from a raging river of lava at some point during his adventure.

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