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Jafar, the Sultan’s evil advisor, has spent years searching for Aladdin’s Lamp, an artifact that holds the key to the greatest power in the world — a genie who will grant the lamp’s owner three wishes!

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Based on the 1992 animated film, Disney's Aladdin brings the magic of Walt Disney to your Super NES. If you'll recall from the film, Jafar, the Sultan's evil advisor, has spent years searching for Aladdin's Lamp, an artifact that holds the key to the greatest power in the world -- a genie who will grant the lamp's owner three wishes!

Jafar finally locates the precious lamp in the Cave of Wonders and sends a worthless thief named Gazeem in after it. Unfortunately for Jafar, the cave, which has mouth like a tiger, rises in anger and rejects the unworthy Gazeem. The cave then decrees that "Only one who is worthy may enter. One whose rags hide a heart that is pure. A diamond in the rough..."

This diamond in the rough is Aladdin, a boy who is tricked by Jafar into retrieving the lamp from the dangerous cave. Once Aladdin finds the lamp, he releases the power of a wacky blue genie.

This game puts you in control of Aladdin, who has a pet monkey named Abu. It is your mission to outwit Jafar and spoil his nefarious plans. Also, you must rescue Jasmine, a beautiful princess, and win her love in the process.

Disney's Aladdin begins in the Market Place where you'll run for your life from angry merchants and other enemies. Next you'll enter the Cave of Wonders and search for the magical lamp. Upon leaving the cave, you will take a magic carpet ride. After escaping from the cave, you must brave the dangers of three more levels: Inside the Genie's Lamp, The Pyramid, and Jafar's Palace.

Like any good street urchin with a heart of gold, you as Aladdin are very agile and can run, duck, jump, swing (from beams), do somersaults, bounce and climb. You can throw apples (which you'll find scattered throughout the various levels) at or jump on the knife-throwers, snake charmers, dueling guards, animated skeletons and other enemies you'll run across. You'll also face numerous obstacles such as fiery lava, clay pots and arrows.

To help you in your mission, you can collect enchanted items. These include bread and roasted chicken, which refill your health meter, and hearts, which add an extra heart to your health meter. Scooping up 100 emeralds or a magic lamp will grant you an extra chance to complete the adventure. Also, you can collect treasure and tip over jars to see what's hidden inside.

After you complete a level in Disney's Aladdin, the genie will reward you with a magical password that will save your progress after you turn off your game system. The game features animation modeled after the film and two hit Disney songs: "Whole New World" and "Friend Like Me."

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