Disney Infinity – 2.0 Edition


The second game in the interactive video game series, “Disney Infinity 2.0” for Wii U with the Marvel Super Heroes starter pack allows gamers to play as various Marvel superheroes.

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The second game in the interactive video game series, "Disney Infinity 2.0" for Wii U with the Marvel Super Heroes starter pack allows gamers to play as various Marvel superheroes. You can suit up as your favorite heroes, such as the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and more. Similar to its predecessor, "Disney Infinity 2.0" for Wii U requires players to use Infinity figurines on the Infinity Base. This base allows players to select specific powers to use during the game. With the Wii U version of the game, players can enjoy an upgraded Toy Box mode. This mode gives players the ability to create their own worlds to develop mini-games for others to complete when finished. If you wish to play with a friend, local split screen co-op is available for the main game so that two people can play at once. One of the premier features available on the Wii U is off-TV play. This feature allows players to take control of the game on the Wii GamePad. The Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes edition starter pack comes with the game disc as well as a bevy of characters and accessories directly out of the box for a complete experience. Along with the video game, you will receive three Marvel Super Heroes figures, including Thor, Black Widow, and Iron Man. Additional content includes a Disney Infinity base, two Toy Box discs, a web code card, and an Avenger's Play Set piece. When the figures in this Disney Infinity starter pack are placed onto the base, they unlock additional story missions and gear. The Toy Box character discs that come with this pack also unlock game modes specific to the Toy Box area. By purchasing additional figurines, players will be able to take control of 20 different Marvel characters, all of which have their own unique abilities. You can even play as Star Lord and Gamora from the Disney and Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy." No matter which characters you want to play as, each can be used in Toy Box mode. Throughout the missions you're given, you will be tasked with solving puzzles, battling fierce enemies and saving the world. The order in which you tackle in game missions is entirely up to you. Many of the locations and items found in the game are taken directly from Marvel comic books. However, some hail from other Disney properties such as the movie "Brave." It should be noted that this edition is specifically for the Nintendo Wii U console. However, if you've purchased previous Disney Infinity games, the 1.0 characters are compatible with the 2.0 edition. The Marvel Super Heroes edition for the Nintendo Wii U can allow you to increase your skills as you play. Each character can go up to level 20, unlocking better equipment along the way. These Disney and Nintendo games have an ESRB rating for everyone age 10 and older. If you've wanted to recreate moments from your favorite comic books and Disney movies, this Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes edition can be for you.

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