Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex


Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Greatest Hits features the popular Sony PlayStation character and his sister in an adventure video game.

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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Greatest Hits features the popular Sony PlayStation character and his sister in an adventure video game. In the platform of the game, you can control Crash Bandicoot and his sister, Coco, who make their PlayStation 2 debut as they race against time. Crash Bandicoot and Coco want to foil the plans of Crash's arch nemesis, Dr. Neo Cortex. Dr. Cortex plans to enslave the world, but the brother and sister are ready for his wrath.

This Sony PlayStation 2 video game has a release date of 2002 and an ESRB rating of E for Everyone. The publisher is Universal Interactive.

Crash Bandicoot and his sister start with four lives each. Each of them can lose a life if they suffer any type of damage or are struck by an enemy attack. Additional lives can be earned by collecting "wumpa fruits." Free life tokens may be earned by opening a special crate. To shield themselves from attacks, either Bandicoot sibling can use the Aku Aku mask. In total, there are three Aku Aku masks. If all three masks are collected, the player is granted temporary invulnerability from minor injuries. Once Crash Bandicoot or his sister runs out of lives, the game is over. The game can be continued by selecting continue from the Game Over screen.Players can use both characters to explore the world of "The Wrath of Cortex," which includes 30 levels. During exploration, the avatars engage with enemies in battle. Side-scrolling and front-scrolling movements are allowed for both single players and multiple players. While exploring, the Bandicoots must collect 25 crystals, which are necessary to beat Dr. Cortex in the final battle. In most situations, the crystal is located at the end of the level. Some crystals require a character to complete a specific challenge before earning their prize. Gems and special-colored gems can be found in certain areas. Gems are awarded if all the crates in a level are broken or if a special bonus area is completed.

Gamers can also win a relic. A relic can be obtained if a player revisits an area where a gem was collected. To get a relic, the player initiates the time trial method. A predetermined time has been assigned to each crystal area. To get the relic, Crash or his sister must beat the assigned time. Relics can be used to access the Secret Warp Room. However, it's necessary to exchange relics in groups of five to gain special access.It is also possible to find a range of controllable vehicles while playing. The vehicles aid in the pursuit of Cortex and the mission to stop him. Vehicles included in the gameplay are a crop duster and giant robot suit. Cortex plans to use the natural elements of earth, air, fire, and water to annihilate Crash Bandicoot. He feels he has to get rid of Crash before he can take over the world. The final level matches Crash or his sister against Dr. Neo Cortex. The winner of the battle will determine whether Cortex takes over the world or Crash Bandicoot saves the world. There are many bonus areas in "The Wrath of Cortex." In these areas, a player must make their way through mazes and collect everything they see. Once an area has been completed, it cannot be accessed again unless the level is replayed. Choose your favorite member of the Bandicoot family and try to beat Crash's arch nemesis on your PS2. On "The Wrath of Cortex," the siblings work best when they fight together.

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