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Take part in an action-packed adventure with Chrono Cross, a single player role-playing game made for the Sony PlayStation 1 platform. Released in 2000 by Square Enix, creator of the Final Fantasy series

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Take part in an action-packed adventure with Chrono Cross, a single player role-playing game made for the Sony PlayStation 1 platform. Released in 2000 by Square Enix, creator of the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross combines traditional RPG elements with a unique and imaginative story.

Chrono Cross is a spiritual sequel to the SNES hit Chrono Trigger. It also incorporates certain story arcs and characters from the lesser known text adventure, Radical Dreamers.Play as Serge, a young boy who must go on a quest through different parallel universes. Players can switch back and forth between these worlds to obtain new items or advance the story. As you progress through the game and meet new characters, you will slowly uncover Serge's mysterious past and do battle with his arch-nemesis, Lynx.

The world of Chrono Cross is unlike anything you've ever experienced in any game before. The lush tropical settings are majestic and add to the theatrical effect of the game. As you gain access to new areas throughout the world, you can travel with Serge on foot or by boat.Chrono Cross lets you recruit an eclectic band of interesting and flamboyant characters to help you on your journey. There are 45 potential party members scattered throughout the world. Each has a distinct personality and backstory, and you will meet many of them as you advance through the game. Others are well hidden and will be found only by the most diligent players. It is impossible to obtain every single character in one attempt, so it will require players to experience the game multiple times.The battle system in Chrono Cross is similar to other role-playing games from Square Enix. You will fight enemies, gain experience, and level up your characters in attack, defense, and magic abilities. The battle system is turn-based, but you have the option of running away or fighting in different battle scenes, which gives you a customized game-playing experience. All characters have access to generic elemental magic abilities. In addition, each character can learn a unique ability called a special technique. Just like in Chrono Trigger, characters can combine their techs together to make a more powerful double or triple tech.Once you have completed the game for the first time, you can start the adventure over again with a New Game Plus, which retains your character levels and equipment. It also discards story-related items and progress. New Game Plus is required to experience all 12 alternate endings, which change depending on the choices that you make throughout the game. Each ending alters the fate of the characters you meet, which puts a different spin on the story.

Chrono Cross for the PlayStation is a magnum opus game from Square Enix. The graphics are at the peak of the system's abilities. The music incorporates beautiful Mediterranean, Celtic, and African influences from all around the world. The epic story unfurls across multiple worlds and dimensions. Chrono Cross constantly reminds you of Chrono Trigger in its quality, without borrowing too much from the game. It is a must-own game for any fan of the RPG

The game's visual style is similar to the previous entry in the Final Fantasy series, with 3D character models, world map, and battle stages, pre-rendered backgrounds in individual locations, and CG cutscenes that advance the story. However, from the point of view of overall atmosphere and gameplay, the game tends to resemble older installments more. Like in Final Fantasy IV, each character belongs to a specific class (e.g. thief, black mage, summoner, etc.) which cannot be changed, having his or her own unique abilities. Combat utilizes the series' trademark ATB (active-time battle) system. Battles allow participation of four player-controlled characters. The player is able to choose these from a larger amount of available characters during later parts of the game.

Character abilities (magic spells, immunity to certain status changes, etc.) are contained within weapons and armor. Each of these allows the player to learn one or more abilities by equipping the item on a character and continuously participating in battles. Ability points are awarded after battles along with experience points, gradually filling the ability bar of the equipped part. Once the bar is full, the ability can be used by the character even after the equipment that allowed him or her to learn it has been removed.

The card mini-game from the previous installment is now called Tetra Master, and is featured more prominently. Cards are now placed on a 4x4 grid, and can attack other cards on diagonals as well as cardinal directions. Cards no longer have set stats, and instead have a range of values and arrow positions, making every card unique. Regional rule variations are gone, but at the start of every match one to five positions on the grid will be blacked out, changing the player's offensive and defensive strategies with every game.

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