Ben 10 Triple Pack


Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Alien Force – Vilgax Attacks and Ben 10: Protector of Earth all packed into one Nintendo DS game.

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Three games in one!

Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Alien Force - Vilgax Attacks and Ben 10: Protector of Earth all packed into one Nintendo DS game.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth is a side-scrolling platformer/brawler based on the animated TV series Ben 10. Ben is a boy who uses an alien device, which allows him to transform into several powerful beings, to participate in the usual superhero activities. In the game, a drone absorbs most of the device's DNA, leaving Ben only with a few powers. The game is spent with travelling all over the world in the quest to get the full power back.

The levels consists of Ben moving from left to right while fighting against enemies. In the usual brawler fashion, fights are restricted to a small area and all enemies (often additional baddies spawn during the fight) have to be dispatched before moving on. Between combat, there are platforming sections in which Ben has to jump over gaps. However, the main gimmick of the game is Ben's ability to transform into five other beings in total: Cannonbolt (walks slowly, but can transform into a ball and - Sonic-style - roll around the levels), Heatblast (fire-based, can neutralize burning platforms), Fourarms (mostly a strong fighter), Wildvine (can stretch his arm to reach special plants or attack from a range) and XLR8 (has a high double jump and can teleport).

Besides using their abilities for fighting enemies and bosses (which require special strategies), Ben also needs to use their special powers in order to progress in the platforming sections. However, every transformation takes power which can be filled up by collecting energy balls. While this is not much of a problem in the platforming sections (when completely depleted, a part of the gauge automatically fills up after a few seconds), it may create problems when fighting.

In multiplayer, up to eight players compete in destroying as many cars as possible.

BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE: Vilgax Attacks is the latest game in the multi-million unit selling video game series. Players will have the opportunity to experience the vast ALIEN FORCE universe in a brand new action-adventure game, taking Ben into outer space and distant planets for the first time ever in the series to battle against a terrifying threat that only he can stop!

Ben Tennyson’s greatest enemy of all time, Vilgax, has been busy assembling his own extreme team of Ben’s most fearsome foes in a grand scheme to take over the universe one planet at a time, culminating with the destruction of Ben’s home planet, the Earth!

One planet after another—including some of the home worlds of Ben’s alien forms—has quietly been falling under the control of Vilgax and the villainous underling bosses he’s been stationing on each conquered world to rule ruthlessly in his stead, each more eager than the next to rid the universe of the bane of their collective evil existence, Ben Tennyson, once and for all!

Now it’s the Earth’s turn and Ben’s the only person for the job! The fate of the whole universe lies in your hands!


• Play as Ben Tennyson and ten alien heroes from the ALIEN FORCE series, the most number of playable aliens in a BEN 10 game• Adventure as alien form Upchuck exclusively in the Nintendo DS version for additional powers to command and explore• Use each alien’s special powers and unique abilities to combat a ton of enemies and solve form-specific puzzles• “Best of BEN 10” – new and old characters and settings from the entire BEN 10 universe come together for the first time ever• Battle against a roster of Ben’s most infamous villains and foes, including his ultimate nemesis, Vilgax• Journey to never-before-seen and exciting alien home planets and experience Ben’s first intergalactic adventure• Solid blend of combat, puzzle-solving and platform gameplay to challenge players of all skill levels• Original storyline based on the BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE TV series

Ben 10: Alien Force is based on the Cartoon Network television series of the same name. Its now five years after Ben initially retired the Omnitrix, but a new alien threat has caused Ben to use it again. Ben can take the form of characters from the Alien Force team, and include Gwen and Kevin Levin as his allies to combat a new alien threat and save Grandpa Max. This brawler-style platform game has multiple attacks that can be combined into special attacks, as well as chained combos to quickly defeat enemies. Along with Ben, the player has two new powerful allies in Gwen, who can create shields, and Kevin Levin to absorb materials around him.

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