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A port of the Neo Geo game of the same name, Art of Fighting for the Super NES is a Street Fighter II-style fighting contest for one or two players.

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Composed of a one-player mode called The Hero and a one- or two-player contest called The Battle, Battle Blaze is a one-on-one fighting game in which you can portray up to six different characters.

Along with a standard move or two, each character comes equipped with four to six advanced attacks based on his or her abilities and weapon of choice. For example: Tesya, a beautiful, boot-wearing warrior, can inflict damage on an opponent with her Kiss of Doom and a swift Boot to the Head; Lang, a sword-wielding athletic nomad is capable of a Kneeling Stab and a Whirlwind Kick; and Lord Gustoff, a strong, mace-wielding Half-Orc, can perform a Lunge Throw and can let loose a hypnotizing Flying Mace.

Set in a preindustrial society called the Great World, the storyline involves the community of Virg and a menacing netherworlder by the name of Autarch. He has upset the tranquility of this peaceful berg by sending forth spirits to possess the warriors. These warriors are competing in a fully authorized tournament for the chance to be the one and only Warrior King.

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