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General Plastro never learns. No matter how times Sarge’s Heroes in the Green Army defeat his Tan forces, he always seems to have another wicked plan up his sleeves.

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General Plastro never learns. No matter how times Sarge's Heroes in the Green Army defeat his Tan forces, he always seems to have another wicked plan up his sleeves. This time is no different: Plastro has initiated an operation so devious that it's possible the Green Army may not have the ability to overcome it.

Tan forces have captured Sarge's elite Bravo Company, along with his girlfriend Vikki. Not only that, Plastro has discovered the ability to open mysterious portals to a world containing super weapons the likes of which their own tiny universe has never seen. Now Sarge must go into action, destroying the Tan's ability to open these portals, as well as saving his men and his girl. The plastic war just got personal!

In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, players take control of Sarge as he undertakes his harrowing mission. The Green Army is outnumbered 50 to 1, and he'll have to go into combat alone to save his friends. Sarge's Heroes is a third-person action title, part of the popular line of Army Men games from 3DO. Players will gear up for combat in the Bootcamp training mode, overcoming objectives such as overcoming the Obstacle Course in less than a minute and a half and mowing down targets on the live fire range. But watch out, because these targets shoot back.

Once you've prepared yourself for combat, you enter the real campaign as Sarge marches into 16 missions against his nemesis, the Tan Army. Each mission has a different objective, from rescuing hostages to infiltrating an overrun village to destroying a Tan tank that is keeping Green forces at bay. He will navigate such diverse climates as deserts, swamps, snow-capped mountains, and even the mysterious world of a child's toy room. Along the way, he'll acquire a number of different weapons, from M-16s to bazookas, sniper-rifles and flame throwers. He'll need them as he faces down jeeps, tanks, helicopters and a horde of Tan soldiers and officers.

If single-player action isn't quite your speed, you and three opponents can go head to head in a four-player, split-screen battle fest. There is only one rule in this deathmatch game: kill, or be killed. Participants will choose their color and flag, and then rush into combat, picking up weapons to mow their friends down.

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