On a chess style battle board figures of light and darkness are moved. If a figure of light and a figure of darkness are placed upon the same tile, an action battle screen appears where the player moves his figure and releases his attacks. The victorious figure receives experience points and may gain a new level.

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The forces of light and dark are engaged in a climactic battle, and your decisions and skill will determine its outcome. Based on the computer title from Electronic Arts, Archon for NES is a board game with a twist: you must actively battle your opponent over contested squares. Each side has 18 fantasy creatures to deploy on a 9x9 checkerboard, from lowly knights and goblins to the powerful wizard and sorceress. Your goal is to either eliminate the opposing faction's units or to maintain control over five "power point" squares. When two creatures meet on the same space, a real-time battle ensues on a separate screen, with players directly controlling their character. Each square's color determines which unit, if any, receives a health advantage in combat.

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