AeroWings lets you soar through the air as part of a stunt team known for its acrobatic maneuvers and precise formation flying.

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AeroWings lets you soar through the air as part of a stunt team known for its acrobatic maneuvers and precise formation flying. While you will eventually pilot authentic jet fighters, this is not an air combat game where you engage in dogfights with an enemy. Instead, you'll need to learn everything there is to know about flying a plane so you can eventually join the members of the Blue Impulse flight team. Your primary goal? To become squad leader, of course!

Yet before you take to the skies, you will need to earn your wings from an in-flight instructor who offers a series of lessons to get you accustomed to your craft. Each lesson will be worth 100 points, and you'll need to receive at least a 60 to advance to the next session. Some of the topics you'll cover include learning how to take off from a runway, the proper use of the flaps, adjusting rudders, and even how to use smoke to impress the onlookers watching from below!

The game features a total of four different modes: Blue Impulse Mission, Sky Mission Attack, Free Flight, and Multi-Play. Blue Impulse Mission involves completing a series of techniques to demonstrate your skill in twenty different steps. The first ten steps are broken down into basic flight training as previously described, while the remaining ten consist of performance flight training. The performance flight training sessions will teach advanced techniques such as loops and corkscrews, which are necessary if you want to realize your goal of becoming squad leader.

Once you pass all twenty lessons during the Blue Impulse Mission mode, you then take command of a squadron of planes, issuing commands to fly into different formations using the directional pad. A total of three different views are available during flight: behind (third-person), cockpit, and formation. The cockpit viewpoint features a working Heads-Up Display with such information as heading scale, velocity vector, bank scale, pitch scale, and a whisky mark. Players can opt for a simpler HUD positioned outside of the cockpit that just shows direction, engine thrust, level indicator, speed, altitude, and Gs.

Sky Mission Attack is a mode that tests your navigational abilities as you seek out targets within a time limit. There are a total of eight missions in this mode, each progressively becoming more difficult, and you'll be able to use any plane unlocked during the Blue Impulse Mission mode. Play involves using radar to locate blue targets on each course, which are worth 1,000 points apiece and will extend your time by one minute. There are also additional targets to add to your score: yellow targets will double the point value of any target you find within a certain amount of time, and white targets offer 500 points whenever you pass through them. Complete each mission to earn a new plane!

Free Flight is exactly like it sounds: players are free to choose their plane, stage (there are nine stages or maps in the game featuring different scenery and times of day), and the number of co-pilots in their formation before flying. There is no time limit or requirements in this mode, so players can fly as long as they want. The final mode, Multi-Play, allows up to four people to fly simultaneously on a single screen. Each player will have a basic HUD at the bottom of the screen, and the goal is to work together to perform a successful maneuver. The game will end once the maneuver is completed, when time runs out, or if all of the planes crash.

AeroWings features a total of eleven planes: a T-4, T-4 Blue Impulse, T-2 Blue Impulse, F-86F Blue Impulse, F-4EJ, F-4EJ, F-1, F-2, F-15J, F-15DJ, and an RF-4E. Players can also watch their aerial performances on instant replay, which allows them to select from several camera angles and save their highlights to a VMU (each replay requires 80 blocks of space for a maximum of six minutes of footage). Fifteen blocks are required if players also want to save progres

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