1980s Full Arcade Pack


Were you there when it all started?

Relive the glory days of gaming with the Gametrog Original Gamer Pack! – Get three classic games from the 80’s in tiny form! Pac-man, Dig-Dug & Q-Bert!

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A Full Arcade on the Shelf!

This is it, the ultimate arcade collection is available with the Gametrog 1980 Full Arcade Pack! – Get 10 classic games from the 80’s in tiny form to create your own arcade! Pac-man, Dig-Dug, Ms. Pacman, Qbert, Rally-X, Pole Position, Frogger, Galaga, Galaxian & Space Invaders!


Waka Waka Waka! Grab the most iconic and popular arcade game, Pac-Man in its tiniest size ever! Be sure to control Pac-Man through the maze, eating all the pac-dots along the way. Be careful, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde are always just around the corner.


Have you got what it takes to help Dig Dug dig tunnels through the dirt and eliminate the Pookas and Fygars with Tiny Arcade Dig Dug? The further down you dig the more points you get when you kill the enemies. A game where you can make your enemies explode or throw rocks on them. It’s totally tubular.


The Tiny Arcade Qbert! Get ready to run and jump as you try to change the color of the cubes by hopping onto them. When all the cubes in the pyramid have been changed to the destination color you will advance to the next round.


Ready, Set, Go! Tiny Arcade New Rally X is a fast-paced, maze driving game where you must reach 10 flags in each stage before running out of fuel and without running into enemy vehicles, boulders and other hazards!

Pole Position

Do you have a need for speed?  Race against the clock and other racers in Tiny Arcade Pole Position!  Use the steering wheel to drive your race car around the challenging speedway.  Master the most difficult turns and you’re guaranteed high scores!  How well you do in the qualifying lap determines which of the eight starting positions you will be given.  Only the very best drivers are awarded the pole position!

Space Invaders

The Tiny Arcade Space Invaders! Space Invaders are here and they’re smaller than ever! Use the tiny buttons to fire at swarms of extraterrestrials to prevent the alien invasion and defend the planet!


An arcade golden age classic, Tiny Arcade Frogger is addicting and a must-have game for those long commutes. Players must guide Frogger from the bottom of the screen to the home at the top by hopping along perilous roads and rivers.


Quick! You are being attacked by a swarm of alien armies! Play Tiny Arcade Galaxian to fend them off and save the galaxy. The universe is depending on you and size doesn’t matter!


It’s the return of the alien invasion! The sequel to Tiny Arcade Galaxian is coming to a home near you with Tiny Arcade Galaga. You must board the spaceship and vanquish those aliens who will try to take over the spaceship.

Ms. Pacman

The much loved sequel to Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and her iconic bow are now part of the Super Impulse Tiny Arcade collection! This fully functional game lets you direct Ms. Pac-Man to her source of nutrients and escape those pesky ghosts.

Bring the excitement of the classic 80’s arcade home, in tiny form! Don’t have room for large arcade cabinets in your home? No problem. You can re-create a complete, working arcade on a shelf with the Tiny Arcade line of classic arcade games!

  • Plays just like the original arcade, this is the real game.
  • Controllers and buttons work just like the original.
  • Cabinet feature the actual real arcade cabinet graphics.
  • Authentic actual game music and sound.
  • Game marquee featuring logo actually lights up!
  • Includes 3 AAA Batteries.
  • Key chain attachment on back!

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Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in


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