The SEGA 32X. SEGA of America’s stop-gap add-on for the Genesis and SEGA CD. This mushroom was going to bring our old systems into the 32-bit age without having to go buy a whole new system. This was SEGA attempt to hold onto the 16-bit base it had built while it was finishing up the SEGA Saturn. It was released in the US at the same time the Saturn was released in Japan. With news of the Saturn and Playstation in every magazine, a lack of many good games, and the cost, the 32X was doomed from the get-go (ironically DOOM was a release title!). Regardless, being the SEGA fan boy I am, I bought one as soon as possible. It was my first time with ID’s DOOM, and also Shadow Squadron is one of my all time favorite 3D space shooters ever!

The SEGA 32X

Model #MK-84000. Made 1996.

While there was only one version of the 32X made, I have come across an MK-84000A, the only difference I can see is the it was made in China vs. Japan. Also while there is only one version of the unit, it could be hooked up to several difference combinations of the Genesis and CD. Take a look at our HOW TO section for help with all the different connection methods.

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