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Welcome to the GameTrog Cave

This realm is dedicated to classic video game consoles of yore all the way to the latest gaming systems!

Double Dragon – Combo Review: Arcade VS. NES

Two martial arts warriors, Eringobrad & UltraGoldant meet in the alley to fight over which Double Dragon is better! The Arcade or the NES, in this no holds barred comparison.

Arcade Racing Legends for the SEGA Dreamcast – Review

Greetings all, Gametrog here and I am super excited to bring you this review! It’s not often that you get to review a NEW SEGA Dreamcast game! That’s right. I have in my possession another awesome home-brew from JoshProd and Pixelheart, Arcade Racing Legends.

Haunting: Starring Polterguy for the SEGA Genesis

Haunting: Starring Polterguy​ - Review SEGA Genesis 1993 - Electronic ArtsSo fun - It's SCARY! Hey friends. Peter Graphic here and it’s my favorite time of the year. I can finally stop mowing the lawn (and rake leaves), I can break out my black hoodies, go pumpkin...

Where’s the #%&$! map??

Modern games spoil us in a number of ways. Easy accessibility with online downloads. In-game tutorials without the need for physical manuals. The ability to autosave without a second thought needed about losing progress. But one of these modern innovations isn’t all that modern, the inclusion of an in-game or physical map.

PANIC! for the SEGA CD – Review

PANIC! for the SEGA CD review. According to the animated intro, all the world’s technology has been infected by a new computer virus. Strange “bugs” are causing tech to malfunction everywhere.

Metal Slug for the Sega Saturn (Import) – Review

You go into this game gun ablazing! ! Not only must you try to destroy all enemies in sight, you also make it your mission to save POWs throughout each level.

GROWL for the SEGA Genesis – Review

You’re just minding your own business in a dive bar, when suddenly the wall blows apart!

Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters 2 – Combo Review for NES and SEGA Genesis

All of these retro Ghostbusters titles feature the obvious busting of ghosts, but they all approach it very differently.

Streets of Rage for the SEGA Genesis – Review

This city was once a happy, peaceful place…until one day, a powerful secret criminal organization took over. Amid this turmoil, group of young Police officers has sworn to clean up the city. They are willing to risk anything…even their lives…on the…Streets of Rage

Fighter’s History for the SNES – Review

Each fighter is given a letter from some guy in a suit inviting them to compete in “The Great Fighters Competition”. Pretty generic, huh? The winner is promised “untold treasures” while the losers pay with their lives!

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