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This realm is dedicated to classic video game consoles of yore all the way to the latest gaming systems!

Wallachia: Reign of Dracula for the Nintendo Switch – Review

The crew a Pixleheart have just released a great new game that is a retro throwback to some of the best 2D Action Side-Scrollers such as Castlevania and the Valis series. I recently got my hands on a copy and decided to give it a go.

Double Dragon – Combo Review: Arcade VS. NES

Two martial arts warriors, Eringobrad & UltraGoldant meet in the alley to fight over which Double Dragon is better! The Arcade or the NES, in this no holds barred comparison.

Arcade Racing Legends for the SEGA Dreamcast – Review

Greetings all, Gametrog here and I am super excited to bring you this review! It’s not often that you get to review a NEW SEGA Dreamcast game! That’s right. I have in my possession another awesome home-brew from JoshProd and Pixelheart, Arcade Racing Legends.

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Streets of Rage for the SEGA Genesis – Review

Streets of Rage for the SEGA Genesis – Review

This city was once a happy, peaceful place…until one day, a powerful secret criminal organization took over. Amid this turmoil, group of young Police officers has sworn to clean up the city. They are willing to risk anything…even their lives…on the…Streets of Rage

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Attack of the Clone Games

Attack of the Clone Games

No other title has been emulated as much as Super Mario and continues to be to this day. Plenty of Space Invaders and Pacman clones existed in the arcade and on the Atari 2600 but Mario surpassed them in terms of copycats. Mario however is far from being the only Nes game to be imitated.˜

6 Emulators to Make Your PC a Retro Console

6 Emulators to Make Your PC a Retro Console

While games continue to change and break new ground every year. It is often tempting to revisit a time when games were much more simple. Back then, Mario jumped, Sonic ran, and villains were defeated by a solitary hero—and that was about it.

How to Delete a Discord Server

How to Delete a Discord Server

Discord has crossed over 250 Million users as it turned four. Thus, channels have also increased drastically overseas, and the server capacities and limitation caps have been made strict to per user, so that people can enjoy with safety measures while using it with seamless services.

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