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Pixelheart, the publisher that brought you Wallachia: Reign of Dracula for the Nintendo Switch and Steam platform, has some exciting new titles coming out.

Today we are going to take an early look at The Golden Force! Pixelheart specializies in retro inspired games on modern and classic consoles, so I always look forward to their new titles and this one looks fun! I’ll be doing a full review soon so stay tuned.

Here is what they have to say about it:

Introducing PixelHeart’s new mercenary team: the Golden Force

In collaboration with our development studio, Storybird Games, we are pleased to announce the release of a new license: Golden Force.

It’s an explosive action/adventure platformer in which you can embody mercenaries fighting to eradicate the forces of evil for money. With the help of the 4 available anti-heroes, you will have to travel through all the worlds of the game to defeat the King of Demons. You will face all kinds of evil monsters and traps but you can also equip yourself with items that will make your task a little easier, it’s still the King of Demons. And if you really can’t do it on your own, you can always ask a buddy to help you since the game has a 2-player cooperation mode.

Golden Force will be released in the first quarter of 2021.

For the release of this new license, we have prepared several editions of the game :
• The standard edition is a classic physical edition of the game. It will be available on 3 different platforms:
◦ Nintendo Switch: pre-order here
◦ PS4: pre-order here
◦ Xbox ONE: pre-order here

• The Limited Edition is a steelbook edition, you will receive your game in a beautiful matte black metal box. It will be available on 2 platforms:
◦ Nintendo Switch (limited to 2000 copies): pre-order here
◦ PS4 (limited to 2000 copies): pre-order here

• And finally, the Mercenary Edition which will be a PixelHeart world exclusive (only available on our website). This edition will contain a collector’s wooden box with the game’s OST, a magnet coin, a futurpak, a coaster, a case, a key ring, a t-shirt and a copy of the game. It will be available on 2 platforms:
◦ Nintendo Switch (limited to 1000 copies): pre-order here
◦ PS4 (limited to 1000 copies): pre-order here

Game Features

  • Several moves available + air assistance from your boat (it looks explosive)
  • 4 different worlds with bonuses to pick up, hidden objects and secret levels
  • A group of heroes ready to sacrifice themselves: Gutz, Spina, Drago and Elder
  • A 2-player cooperation mode

Check out the trailer for Golden Force!

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