With the SEGA Genesis being a great system for all the arcade ports, why not make an arcade like controller for home use. Thus was born the SEGA Genesis Arcade Power Stick!

I’ve got a couple of these guys, and have handled dozens in my time. These are very well built controllers. With metal bases and a hard case it has a good weight to it. 

It functions like a standard 3-Button controller with the A,B & C buttons and a Start button.  But, it also has a Mega-Fire button that can be activated for each button individually. There is also a Mega-Fire Slider which will control the speed of auto-fire. If you don’t know, these “turbo” or Mega-Fire buttons basically press the A,B or C button really fast for you so you don’t have to.  Each button also has a red LED light that lights up when it’s pressed.

If you get a chance you should grab one, they are well worth it. This can really help on the classic spaceship shooters, and are especially at home with fighting games.

Trog Score: 4/5

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