QuickShot was a 3rd party controller maker for a long time. Marketed “For Professional Players”, so if you’re not a great gamer don’t even bother. you can’t handle the awesomeness!

Eagle Flight Stick Controller for the SEGA Genesis

Model #: QS-135

I still have this particular controller as I like it very much. Every dedicated gamer who likes flight simulators needs a good flight stick. And this one is as good as it gets on the SEGA Genesis.

This is a well made controller, mine still functions perfectly and I’ve never had to opened it for repair. The Trigger button is the A-button, and the B & C buttons are the red buttons where your thumb sits. There is also a Turbo switch below the B & C buttons. There are four suction cups on the bottom to hold the controller stable on a flat smooth surface, but it is small enough that holding it in you hand/lap if fine. 

With only 3 buttons and not 6 it may not work great for games that require 6 buttons, but I’m not sure how many of the Genesis flight simulators (of which there are not many) use 6-button layouts. I’ll report here once I dig in more. Also, this controller can be used on any game, not just flight games, but it may be a bit awkward. Still, it’s basically an old-school Atari joystick-type control.

This controller not only works great on flight simulator games like F-22 and F-117, but is also an awesome way to play the Desert Strike series. Nothing beats pressing the different fire buttons and having Machine-guns blaze or rockets fire, feels like… victory. I like this controller.

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