Greetings and thank you for considering to promote your company. has been online since 2008. We are visited by over 1000 people per day who value our How To sections and Game System informational pages.

At the beginning of 2019 Gametrog has began a massive expansion of the website content to include:

  • The Trog Blog – Which will contain commentary, game reviews (both new and old), interviews and more.
  • Market Place – A business directory of classic game stores in the U.S.
  • Social Media Expansion – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube platforms are all heavily utilized and promoted.
  • Website Content – Expanding each section to include more classic systems.

Our average reader has a high interest in video games both “retro” and new for both consoles and PC’s. They range in age from 16 – 60.

With GameTrog just opening up advertising potential at the beginning of 2019, not having done so for 10 years, we are accepting only relevant businesses for ad placement. Advertisers who will receive the best results should be:

  • Video game sales related.
  • Video game accessories related.
  • Video game repair and service related.

For complete details and our Media Kit please contact:

Erik Mayo

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