This lovely creature is the JVC X’EYE. JVC (Victor Company of Japan, VCJ reversed, those crazy Japanese) was commissioned by SEGA for the audio chips for their SEGA CD. With that deal SEGA allowed JVC to use their technology to make a game system. And so was spawned the X’EYE, also called the Wondermeg in Japan. While I never laid a hand on one of these back in the day, or an eye for that matter, when I started collecting and selling, I wanted one of these bad. Now that I have one, you’d have to pry it from my cold dead hands. This is a great unit that is basically a SEGA Genesis and a SEGA CD combined into one (Wonder Dog, a SEGA CD game, is/was actually the mascot for this system). They also added MIDI and KARAOKE support, in fact the original box came with a KARAOKE CD. This baby was released for $499 in 1994, a few months after the SEGA CDX, which did the same thing in a smaller, cheaper and sexier package, so the JVC was doomed from the get go. But don’t let that stop you from drooling, you want this! While I have read in many location about an S-Video port, I have never seen one with it on the 2 dozen or so I’ve held. All of them however have had a direct RCA (red, white and yellow) connection on the back, making for an easier cable to get and better picture than the SEGA AV port, which it also has. This guy also has the best audio capabilities of any of the SEGA CD variants. Having the Genesis and CD in one unit is very nice, and the system still looks good sitting next to your 360 and PS3.

As mentioned above, I have seen information in regards to an
s-video port on these (and I see the cover hole where the connection should be on all of them). I believe they were only on the Wondermeg , which was never released in the States. The X’EYE is actually the US version of the Wondermeg 2, which removed several features to cut cost. And as I focus only on US system on this site, this is all we got.

Some nice things that were found on the original Wondermeg included, s-video, a tray CD like the original SEGA CD and wireless joysticks (the section that has the joystick ports in these pictures was a clear IR plate with 2 wireless joysticks, very cool).

As far as US versions go, I have seen a couple changes on the insides of these guys, which I see a lot on all systems. But externally they all look the same.