The SEGA Game Gear, SEGAs answer to the NINTENDO Gameboy. Until the PSP was released, it was the best selling Handheld ever sold that was not made by Nintendo. While it never came close the numbers of Gameboys sold, it still has hundreds of games and is a fun little portable system. I never had one of these back in the day, but have several of them currently. Don’t expect the same sharp screen as the Nomad, much less the DS. With the Sonic series being well represented on the Game Gear, and a good collection of RPGs, including Shining Force, there are many great games to collect for this system. Not to mention you can slap a Master Gear Converter on this thing and you instantly have a portable Master System, as this machine is basically the same hardware (on a mini scale) as the SEGA Master System.

The SEGA Game Gear

Model #2110.

While there were many different Game Gear Packages offered with various Carrying Bags or Pack-In Games, the unit itself never really changes. The only different version to speak of were a Sports version, that was different only in color.

Majesco also re-released the Game Gear in a Jet Black case (with the original being a dark grey. Aside from some special limited edition variations offered in Japan, thats about it for Game Gear versions.

So, since we only really have one real version of the Game Gear as far as the guts are concerned, lets talk about that! I have had my hands on about 200+ Game Gear units. About 70% had some sort of issue.

The most common is loss of sound from the built in speaker. The chip running the sound output seems to be the issue here, not just a blown speaker. However the headphone jack (which outputs stereo, unlike the built-in speaker) seems to always work regardless, so you can still get audio, if only from headphones.

If the audio isn’t the problem, then the video is. The most common issue is in the viewing angle. As the video begins to go on these guys, you can often still see a great picture, but you have to hold the unit at more and more extreme angles. Holding it in a normal position will eventually result in not seeing anything. You may also see ghost images and trails, or just plain fuzzy images.

The power inputs seem to hold up better than the rest of the machine. The 2 battery compartments, which each hold three AAs for a total of six to run the machine, has never caused me an issue. I have ran into some loose AC input ports for plugging it into the wall.

For every Game Gear we sell, we have 3-4 that don’t work. Like I say in my listings, if you find a good one, GRAB IT!