Welcome to the SEGA CD page. One of my favorite pages! Now most websites you go to will say the SEGA CD was a failure. I beg to differ! When this baby came out, I bought the original model day one for $300. And thinking back, most of my friends that had a Genesis bought one also. And yes, while FMV was lame for the most part, I think we were all excited when we first saw grainy full-motion running on our game system! Hell I remember the Digital Pictures logo that most of the FMV opened up with was awesome every time I saw it! Some other fond memories... The audio of the crowd and music on EA’s Soccer and Hockey games, Dragon Lair & Space Ace!! I LOVED These in the arcade and SEGA brought it home for me! SEGA also brought the most massive RPG’s we had seen up to that point! Anyone remember when you popped LUNAR in?  Alex.... o-ALEX! How about CORE DESIGNS Soul Star, Thunder Strike & Battlecorp! Here’s some more HEART OF THE ALIEN, SILPHEED, SONIC CD, BATMAN RETURNS, SHINING FORCE and SPIDERMAN. Do I need to go on people??? This was/is an awesome system that everyone must own! Buy the way we sell them in the Trog Store!

The original SEGA CD - Model #1690

Released 1992

This is the original version of the SEGA CD. This baby was built for the original version of the Genesis, which was stacked on top of the CD. This ended up making a very cool looking stack of gaming power if you ask me. This model had a tray that would eject from the front of the unit to insert disks. I’ve been inside these guys and they are a complicated unit. All SEGA CD systems came with built-in memory for saving games, and also worked with a RAM Cartridge for more save space. This version is becoming a bit harder to find these days. And while you could use the second model of the Genesis with this unit, it looked horrible. Check out our HOW TO section for help on hooking this baby up correctly, especially if throw a SEGA 32X on top!

The second version SEGA CD - Model #4102

Released 1993

I have also come across a Model #4102A. The ‘A’ unit was built in Japan and the ‘non-A’ unit in China. There are some differences on the CD Tray caddy, as far as how it’s held in the machine when the door is closed. On the outside they appear identical.

This SEGA CD was a drastic change to the original design, brought out with the remodel of the SEGA Genesis. Together the Genesis 2 and SEGA CD 2 made a nice looking side-by-side system. And while I prefer the look of the original, these two together are just as nice looking in their own way. The SEGA 32X also sits nicely on this set-up.

I’ve seen reports that this model of the CD has a bit faster load times than the original, they are nominal at best. It has the same internal memory capacity as the original. And in all my testing they both seem to play games about the same. I will say that this model seems to hold up better over time.

Again take a look at our HOW TO section for all the info on hooking these guys up in the numerous different configuration available.

Also, while the JVC X’EYE and SEGA CDX are ‘variations’ of the SEGA CD, they are so cool I gave them each their own page!