GREETINGS! And welcome to the Cave of the Trog! The definition above should explain it all. Back in the hey-day of gaming, before online technology was mainstream, we (like millions of others) sat in our rooms, lit only by the 19” RCA TV, playing our video games in the dark. Often we sat in seclusion, only to leave the cave for food or until momma made us go outside.

GameTrog is ran and maintained by two Troglodytes, Erik and Rob. We both worked in the Printing Industry when we met and shortly found out that we had led similar lives in regards to our passion, video games. We started by joining up online on the XBOX 360 and talking about all the games we grew up with that we loved. As it worked out Rob had spent more time with the Nintendo systems and I (Erik) had been a SEGA Fanboy. But both of us had exposure to all systems and began comparing collections, trading games and acquiring favorites that we had lost.

Soon our collections grew and we decided to start selling a little bit on eBay. Because of our love for gaming (you could also say our unnatural and disturbing addiction), we wanted to only sell complete, cleaned systems that were guaranteed to work. We also prided ourselves on putting a great collection of games with each system. Almost immediately we began to do pretty well. If there was ever a problem we took care of it, and with 20 year old system problems do occur. But with great customer service and a deep knowledge of all things video games, without knowing it, we had started down a road we had both dreamed of.

Around October of 2008 the printing industry began to get hit hard by the slowing economy. Pay was cut, hours were cut and morale was diminished. We both had been selling on eBay for over a year on the weekends and decided that we would GO FOR IT! And so in January of 2009 we left our weekly paycheck behind and set out to be poor. And so far, mission accomplished! But damn do we love it.

We love it so much that when we went full-time we also decided to make a website. But not some ordinary website, we wanted something a little different. And as you can see, this site may not be the flashiest site ever built, but it’s a little odd, just like all of us. We wanted to offer games on our own site also, and as we had never done this before, we currently keep this site’s store focused on systems and rare games. Now we have many more titles that are not listed on this site or eBay. So if you don’t see what you are looking for, send us an email, there’s a good chance we have it.


As you may well know we sell game systems and games. Everything we sell is used unless we say it’s new. But we thoroughly clean, test and refurbish if needed, every system and game that we sell. We also test everything one more time right before it goes in the box, on it’s way to your house. That being said, should anything ever not work, we will do everything in our power to get it fixed very quickly. If we are unable to get you what you wanted, we allow returns and will refund your payment. In short, we want you to be happy and we will do everything we can to make it so. As I write this our feedback is at 851 on eBay with only 1 negative from some guy a long time ago that said his SNES and games looked old! He had a score of 6 and had left 4 other bad feedbacks for other sellers (hang on, stabbing the voo-doo doll I made of him...), anyway, so take a look at our score, you will see that we are often commended on our communication and customer service. The reason being is that we are both at home/work 24/7 so we respond to email within minutes normally. It’s what we do.


▪A member of a primitive race or tribe of cave-dwellers,
a caveman.

▪A person who lives in seclusion, a hermit