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F-Zero for the Super Nintendo

I put on the racing gloves and take on alien lifeforms on distant planets in F-Zero for the SNES.

Scooby Doo Mystery for the Super Nintendo

I give Scooby Doo Mystery for the Super Nintendo a try. Let’s unravel this mystery!

ColecoVision has arrived on Gametrog!

The ColecoVision has arrived on GameTrog! Check out one of my favorite systems.

Troglodytea prehistoric cave dweller; a primitive, or brutal character that is deliberately old-fashioned.

GameTrog refers to the “old-fashioned” days of video game playing. Back before online gaming was an option, we primitive game players would often have a corner in our dark cave of a room where we would play our games. If we wanted to play someone else they would have to huddle in the dank darkness with us…the dark ages of game playing if you will!

And while time is always moving on, and even us gametrogs accept and like our new shiny game playing devices, we must never forget from whence we came!

Trog Vlog

Trog Vlog: Episode 002

Trog continues to be beaten up by Star Fox and then let’s Ninja Gaiden kick’em while he’s down.

Trog Vlog: Episode 001

Follow me, GameTrog, as I prepare for game reviews by playing them a lot! Star Fox (SNES) & Contra Hard Corps (Genesis) are featured today.

Need help setting up your classic systems? We have all your answers in the How To Lab!

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Here you will find a catalog of games and reviews for the systems GameTrog covers.

A growing list of Classic Game Stores. Repair shops and mods to come.


Latest Accessories Added


SEGA Genesis 6-Button Arcade Stick

The cream of the crop when it comes to Arcade style sticks for your Genesis.

SEGA Genesis 3-Button Arcade Stick

We take a quick look at the Arcade Power Stick for the SEGA Genesis.

QuickShot Eagle Flight Stick Controller – SEGA Genesis

Like flight-sims and shooters like Desert Strike? Then you might want to grab you a flight stick!

SEGA Genesis Activator

Trog steps into the octagon with the terrible SEGA Activator nerd-ring of shame.

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